Black Puffle

Over all special talent

It depends on the puffle. They catch on fire when they eat O berries, However this isn't exactly a talent.

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Famous Black Puffles


Black puffle

Black Puffles are known for their reluctancy, and shadowness. They are also known for catching on fire when eating an O-Berry. Many penguins tend to view black puffles as "gangster-like", making them not very popular, or quite popular among the boys. They burp after every cookie.

When penguins dance with a Black Puffle, the puffle will transform into a tornado, which often baffles new penguins. Another thing that baffles new penguins is that on Thin Ice, you play as a black puffle. The reason it confuses new penguins is that the black puffle is on fire, so they think red puffles can catch on fire. However, if a Red Puffle is bought, you will never see it catch on fire, unlike Black Puffles, which can catch on fire. But only they, out of all the puffles, can catch fire. When Black puffles catch fire, they turn red because of the heat. According to the 258th issue of The Club Penguin Times, Black puffles will be joining penguins in the game Cart Surfer to help you earn more stamps.

They are the third most athletic puffles because they enjoy active activities such as skateboarding.


Bath: They heat themselves and turn it into a hot tub, but the water vapor turns into a tiny rain cloud and to thier dismay, rains on them.

Hair style: Bangs they have to blow out of thier eyes.

Dance: They spin in a tornado.

Toy: A skateboard

Super toy: Hot sauce, which makes them burst into uncontrolable flames.