The EPF has some highly trained puffles working for it.

  1. Bouncer is the blue puffle. She is extremely skilled in throwing snowballs.
  2. Flare is the black puffle. He is a very good welder, and he can set things on fire. If you have the code from the DS game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge you may call him on the puffle whistle and take him for a walk.
  3. Chirp, the yellow puffle, can play the flute so loud it breaks certain objects.
  4. Loop is the pink puffle. She is a skilled lasso-er.
  5. Pop can blow very strong bubbles that can hold heavy objects. She is the purple puffle.
  6. Flit is the green puffle. He can fly with his propeller hat. Jet Pack Guy says he flies very fast. He starred in the book Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic.
  7. Blast is skilled at shooting himself out of a cannon. He is the red puffle.
  8. Chill, the white pufffle, can freeze things. He is the newest EPF puffle recruit.


1. For some reason, there are no orange or brown elite puffles. Brown puffles are very smart and inventive, so they would make great agents.

2. These puffles have starred in a couple books.

3. For more famous puffles, read Famous Puffles.

4. There also isn't a rainbow elite puffle, but this is because they can't even be adopted yet. They most likely will get to be popular pets before becoming agents.

Information gathered from The Club Penguin Wiki