Owned by a mascotEdit

Yarr- Owned by Captain Rockhopper. He's the first red puffle to be adopted by a Club Penguin Islander.

EleanorMae, Agent, Cornelious, Scone and Herbert are Aunt Artic's puffles. ( Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, and Black.)

Lolz- Cadence's puffle, one of her most famous background dancers, and her best friend. She always makes Cadence laugh, so she named her Lolz. She sent a message to Herbert when he took over the island, but one could read it because it was in puffle. (Purple Puffle)

Elite PufflesEdit


Fluffy- A blue puffle who starred in two comics strips, "Sit Fluffy, sit!" and "The mind of a puffle." His owner and his friend also appeared in "The third demention" aand the secret mission "Questions for a crab."

Ed McCool- The puffle of a yellow (?) penguin in PSA Mission 9: Operation: Spy and Seek. He is a red puffle and is skilled at knocking objects down like bowling pins.

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