Rainbow Puffle



Athletic rating

Unknown, possibly high

Over all special talent

Unknown, possibly flight

Tounge color




Elite pufle repersentative

None yet

Famous rainbow puffles

None yet

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At the end of "Gotta Have A Wingman".

The Rainbow Puffle is the puffle discovered in 2013. It's appeared in the music video "Gotta Have a Wingman" and became avalible for adoption on March 21st, during the Puffle Party 2013.

Personality and TalentsEdit

The offical talent of the rainbow puffle is unknown. It is possibly flight. They seem simular to the red puffles in a way so they are probably athletic. Many penguins think they'll have an extremly happy attitude.


Bath: Jumps in, then his colors get messed up until he shakes them into place.

Hair style: At first it's frizzy and spikey until he flips it which makes it smooth.

Toy: A cloud that he flies around until he realizes he doesn't have much room and falls, then winks at you.

Super toy: Unknown (Not avalible in the puffle catalog yet.)

Dance: Shakes from side to side with sparkles around him.