Red Puffle

Over all special talent

They enjoy being active and daring.

Fun facts

Originaly from Rockhopper Island, which has warmer climate than Club Penguin Island. Can be adopted by non-members.

Elite puffle representative


Red puffle
The Red Puffle originally came from Rockhopper Island, but they have now been domesticated for igloo usage. The most famous red puffle is Rockhopper's puffle, Yarr. Like all other puffles, red puffles need to be cared and loved for, like every other color of puffle. Its elite puffle name is Blast. If you are walking a red puffle and enter Catchin' Waves, the red puffle will join you in the game and help you score more points. But if you choose Survival Mode, the Red Puffle (along with the other penguins) will look scared and not join you.This means that even red puffles have there limts to being brave. The Red Puffle was first introduced in December 2006 when Rockhopper brought them to Club Penguin Island, after discovering his famous pet Yarr, who is a red puffle. It is currently one of the two puffle colors non-members can buy. But when they were first introduced, Members could only buy them, but that was changed in 2007, so since then both Non-Members and Members can buy them. As seen in the book Christmas on Rockhopper Island, red puffles were taught to surf by Yarr, a famous red puffle that belongs to Rockhopper.

They are the second most athletic puffles, after pink puffles.

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