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The yellow puffle's adouption page

Yellow puffles are adorable puffles that are only avalible for paid members. They love lots of different forms of art, such as painting, sculpting, and movie making.  It was the 7th puffle discovered, October 2007.

Famous yellow pufflesEdit

There is a little puffle that lives within props on the stage. Penguins just call her The Keeper of the Stage.

Another yellow puffle named Chirp works for the Elite Penguin Force.

Special FeaturesEdit

You can play DJK3 with your yellow puffle

Bath- Pours paint into bath water before your puffle dives in. He emerges covered in paint until he shakes it off.

Dance- Apears to sing with music notes around thier head.

Sleep- Dreams of being a superhero

some information gathered from the club penguin wikiEdit